Wednesday, February 29, 2012

special request

I had a special request to make a slip cover for an iphone for a male, bloke, guy, a dear friends husband. Having never made one yet, and not sure of the colours in my stash that I have and how to make it look bloke-ish and not too feminine, this is what it turned out like:

This one has been passed on for sizing and for his colour/pattern request.

I have made it to fit my iphone3, and it is a beautiful snug fit. So much so that colours and pattern for mine have been chosen. Oh and then I might just have to make one for my Tablet. 
When I make the next cover, I will write down my pattern and share. Very simple and easy thats for sure!

My afghan is also coming along nicely. A row here and there between projects and it is growing. A current photo of it:

Wishing you an enjoyable day.

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  1. Perfect fit Leanne! Love the colors too - thanks very much! Now if I crash when cycling my phone will be snug and safe...