Saturday, February 4, 2012

afghan CAL

Okay, here is a relatively easy pattern to include the beginner crocheters that wish to join in. Put your name and country in the comments section, pick your colours, and make a start. I picked mine at spotlight this morning using the Sherwin Williams Colour Snap  app for my phone.

Message if you have any issues, and I'm sure we can help each other. Remembering it is in US terms, so we may need to convert to UK terms (which I use). Idea is to share a photo of completed work. Have fun, and happy stitching!



  1. Yep I'm in!! :-) ill be slow tho!!

  2. Count me in too. Ive never done a CAL before, and Im just finishing up my last project, a crochet dress for Marni, so Ill need something new to work on, when Im too tired to do much else ;)

    Im hoping a friend and fellow crocheter here in Vernon will join me/us.

    Ill wait to hear more details or do we just jump right in?


  3. i'm finally adding my name too. I've started as well.