Friday, February 24, 2012

hint for CAL afghan

Before I started the Afghan I tried to picture it in my mind. But since starting it, I realised that my colour that I wanted where it was grey on the pattern, wasn't what I wanted. For those that haven't quite started yet, and so you don't fall into the same trap as me here is a pointer:

The 'grey holey' row as in the patterns picture, are rows 3-5 on your pattern sheet. ('3 rows A' in the colour sequence instructions.)

 Make sure you use the colour sequence instructions and work backwards from these rows, to determine your starting colour. (I wrote on the pattern next to the rows for the colours.)

Where I have two white rows followed by the dark blue one, these should all be white, but otherwise I am going to end up with a rather white blanket, hence my change in colour. The 'white rows' above are rows 6-8.

Hoping this helps and you can understand it. If not, email me...
I know, I probably should have pulled it all out and started again... but no, I decided to throw in an extra blue row. Me and blue. Always go back to it...


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  1. thanks for the hint. I've added it to my pattern. Hoping to start soonish