Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here he is! Meet george. A little guy that every family member wants to claim as their own. It didn't take long for the kids to spot him this morning on the bookshelf after his finishing touches last night.

I found him (or rather his pattern) from the ravelry.com website. It was Januarys CAL for the Amigurimi group. Their February pattern is just as cute. I hope to still get that one done, well at least started, before February is finished... :) and to keep moving along with the afghan CAL that we started on this blog.

Meanwhile, George is waiting patiently for a multi-coloured scarf, and trying to stay out of reach from little hands.


  1. He's a cheeky looking monkey and that banana looks almost real. Nice job!

    Im still waiting to get my wool for the afghan, hopefully this week!

  2. Hey Leanne - he's just too cute!! A colourful scarf will suit him perfectly! He looks very happy on your bookshelf! :) Em

  3. Can i add to the list of people who wants him?? He is cute!! Good job..
    Oh and for those that are doing the cal.. get a move on.. I'm up to row 5 already.. (but i have a busy week already so not much more is gonna happen this week!!) :-)