Monday, February 20, 2012

citrus splash

This is to be one of my favourite made to date. Based on the granny square and made from bamboo cotton, it is beautiful and soft but still holds it shape well. I made a very similar one a while ago for Emma for Sundays, which she loves.

Original idea is from here. I have altered the pattern a little bit. I did more dc rows (or sc depending what terms you use) around the bottom. I found if there were too many holes near the bottom, pencils would fall out. I also made it bigger too. From memory I think I started with approx 80 chain. For sizing, it fits My First Bible beautifully.

With a super quick trip to Albany during the weekend, I picked up some girly black leather handles from 'the patchwork place' in Lockyer Ave to finish it off.

With three little ladies in this household eyeing it off (with various bags on their hooks), I am not sure who the special recipient will be.

Next post: Cheeky Monkey



  1. very nice Leanne. Love the colours too. Did you have a link to the original pattern anywhere? There are just too many things to crochet and not enough time to do it all. I've bought the wool for the COL but haven't made a start yet.

  2. thought i had linked it in with the green bag, but obviously not. will find the pattern and the link for you!

  3. Very nice, Leanne! Looking forward to seeing that monkey.

  4. Denise, I have edited this post with the links!