Wednesday, November 19, 2014

house update {final}

  Here are the photos as promised in the last post. This will be our last house update too. Back to some craft on this blog. 

 The kitchen area overlooking the desk area - something I really like and is important to us, as I can keep on eye on computer homework while doing dinner duties, especially if internet is involved.
My favourite part of the kitchen would be the big island bench, which lets the children sit and help prepare meals, roll meatballs, do their homework, or craft activities while they natter to me.

The odd tall cupboard next to the fridge is a stand-alone broom cupboard which can be easily removed to make room for a double fridge when our current one decides to call it a day. 
Down the passage, first door on the left is my pantry, which was originally the old bathroom. Then the toilet and followed by the under stair storage room.
The stairway with under stair storage. This is a great cupboard that actually swings all the way back around under those carpeted stairs. It houses the kids school bags and shoes, boxes of sorted toys and other stuff. This room isn't quite finished so no photos of it!
   The dinning area and the door to the laundry off the kitchen - the only room that hasn't changed in this renovation - though the ceiling still needs replacing.
The desk area. We have reused my old pantry as the kids activity cupboard. More of the old kitchen cupboards have been used in the sewing room. Part of the benchtop has ended up in my pantry as a workbench.
The entry and lounge. Formally bedrooms, passage and a linen cupboard!
There is a quick-access sliding door from the lounge that opens up to the bottom of the stairway.
Still playing horses. :)

And that completes this post and all house updates. There are still numerous things that need finishing off, outside especially, and the walls are still bare as we decide where to hang what.

We have been richly blessed to be able to expand our home to hopefully cater for the needs of our growing family for years to come. We have thoroughly enjoyed doing majority of it ourselves, even though it has taken some time and we have lived in mess and dust. Would we do it again. Not me in a hurry. I think I will enjoy doing housework that makes a house look clean afterwards!

Special thanks to Arnold from Arnold Schiebaan Building designs, who scrunched up our original hand drawings and designed for us a beautiful and functional family home, just right for our family.

Also to WA Spantruss who built and delivered our pods, the second storey. Even though it was a nerve wracking day, it all went very smoothly.

And Ringma's for my lovely kitchen, especially as it was built in stages.

Thank you for sharing our journey with this project. I look forward to sharing more craft projects as time allows.



  1. Looks really nice Lee. Don't you just love all the space. I love how you use the spice rack (Am i right?) from IKEA to store the containers with pens and pencils in. Sietske

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