Monday, November 17, 2014

house update {thirteen}

It has been a while since the last house update. The blog has also been quite. I just didn't feel right sitting behind this screen when there were walls calling for paint.

We are almost there. Well inside, that is. That has been our main focus the last while. Part of the school holidays (October) saw the lounge and entry way get painted and carpeted, and our furniture moved in. It really was a family affair. The boy was my off-sider and moved the ladders around so I could continue stepping my way around the wall with the cutting in. The girls were great and had free range of my kitchen, while I dared not look. Baking in the morning and decorating in the afternoon when they had cooled. They sure made some sweet sugar-packed cupcakes for their RESTARAUNT. Spelling please miss muffet! :) 

ah. clean-ness. you are welcome here.

The school holidays weren't all about painting. Thankfully. We celebrated a birthday and took a day trip (1 hour drive) to Lake Leschanaultia to see the camping grandparents. Absolutely beautiful and a wonderful day.

a t-wigwam
so many beautiful orchids

desk area getting a make over

The dining, kitchen, passageway, and desk area ceilings and walls are also painted. We have five doorways and doors to paint along with thirty pieces of skirting that needs about four coats of paint.

The end is so close. We look forward to saying good bye to our paint-splattered concrete floor and look forward to adding mopping floors to my chore list. Do I really??!

And just when you thought that the horse jumping business doesn't happen any more in this house, I really don't know what she is going to do when the house is finally back to normal.

...tape measures, sanding blocks, sticky tape and a paint stirrer...

...the step platform with the dogs leash makes a great horse...

But now, after many hours of painting skirting, and finishing the walls, we are pretty well done inside. The photos you have all been waiting to see:

wait... I will save that for a new post!
See you back soon. :)


  1. Looking great Lee!! Can't wait to see the rest. :) Great to be still creative between all the painting and sanding. Lovely post. Sietske

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