Tuesday, February 10, 2015

so, its 2015

Actually it has ticked over to February already. Summer is well and truly here. Holidays have been enjoyed. We remembered Christ's birth at Christmas. 2014 finished and 2015 started. School is back. Time for routine. Time to start some craft.

Since last post, lots has happened. 

Sadly, not on the craft side of things either - though it is picking up again. 

And the blog has been quiet. 

But there is good reason for that. I have spent the better part of the last four months with lovely side effects that come with pregnancy. Thankfully, things have settled down greatly and we are starting to feel normal again and the house is starting to function to some degree of normality. 

We still managed to sneak away for a week to our favourite holiday destination . It was nice for a change of scenery and to spend some time just with the children, as soon as school finished. I packed one crochet WIP, but not one stitch was done. We were blessed with a week of great weather and enjoyment, till gastro took us home. 

A few photos of our summer.

  Camping bouquet

Writing postcards. As a child, we would love receiving postacards from our travelling grandparents. We have made this a camping holiday activity for our family. They choose who they would like to write too, write a draft, write the card and choose a stamp - then ride to the mail box and drop it in. (you just need to remember to take your address book with you!)

Back at home, there was lots of lego time, book reading, pool games of marco polo and whirlpools. Even sprinkler dodge. Just to keep them cool while we simmered through some warm days. Two weeks of swimming lessons were also conquered along with school shopping. 

This fabric, bought months ago from Ikea and stored in the cupboard, with some Crayola fabric markers, was just perfect for these holidays. It kept them all occupied for amazing amounts of time. It is nearly all coloured in, but has been packed away for next holidays. I even found myself sitting there colouring with them. *blush* Who doesn't enjoy colouring in? Still looking for a bright idea to sew this up. Any suggestions?

And that was basically our 6 weeks of holidays. School has started again - all four are full time at school. The house is quiet - but things have been happening in the craft room and the crochet hook had has been dusted. - stay tuned.


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