Thursday, May 30, 2013

House Update {five}

Progress is slowly happening here. We are still keeping company with dust. (please excuse us if you happen to notice we have a white dust mark running somewhere down our clothes! thankfully it comes out in the wash.) Bricks have been delivered, and the bricking up around the house is nearly completed. 

Definitely an improvement to the plastic-wrap-gap that was happily letting in the cold night air as it flapped in the wind each night. And the boys soccer oval and cricket pitch has been taken over by a builders site.
**Those three windows downstairs will be replaced**
 Gyprocking has also started in the stairwell. At the point of writing, the upstairs electrical plate-off is half done and plumber expected tomorrow. Nearly read for us to take over and start painting. And it is a long weekend this coming weekend. :)

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