Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Crocheted: Zebi

Zebi the griaffe. 

A good stash-buster. I used all 8ply acrylic with a 3.25mm hook, so it is crocheted rather tight. I was then able to stuff all the bottoms ie bottom of legs, arms, body and the nose section with stuffing pellets and then with polyester filling, making the giraffe a nice weight and being able to sit with out being supported. 
It measures 40cm from the tips of his toes to the tip of his horns.
I don't often repeat doing a project, but I would love to see this one worked up in a beautiful cotton.

Pattern from Emma - a fellow Australian -  from ilovebuttonsbyemma.blogspot.com.au
It was her first attempt at writing a pattern and it has turned out really well. Thank you Emma for the pattern and making it free.

Zebi, hanging on for dear life as he is taken away into the world of imagination, where there are green grassy paddocks with white fences and endless horse jumps. Oh to be 3 again.

And why the name Zebi? Because he is stripey like a Zebra. (children's thinking)



  1. Very cute. Nice way to use up yarn

  2. Very cute! - Jen

    I'm making one now :)


  3. Not sure if my last comment worked, so I'll try again - he's really cute Lee! I love the colours you've used :-)