Monday, May 20, 2013

WIP - Quilt Tops

Last week required us to be out of the house from about 7:30am till 4:30pm for a good chunk of the week. Each day, I loaded up my sewing machine and various WIP's and took up the generous offer of a friends warm  house and some normality for the littlest one and to do some productive work. (Thank you for letting us intrude each day!) And very happy to say that I managed to get the last two quilt tops finished, along with looking after kiddies, drinking coffee and crocheting outside in the beautiful autumn sun.

drawing people. just look at the sun.

 Three quilt tops all completed. 819 x 5inch squares joined together and all seams pressed open. Glad that part is over. Looking forward to my first time at layering and quilting them.

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