Wednesday, May 15, 2013

House Update {four - day three}

 Out of over 120 photos I have chosen nearly 20. 
 This week we have been blessed with glorious weather as you can tell by the blue sky.

Photo overload. (I have reduced the size of the photos as they seem to be taking a long time to load)

Build-up ready for pod placement.

A 95tonne crane made its way into our front yard.

And take a look at all those wheels. All off the ground!

Arrival of the back pod. Apologies to anyone that got stuck in the line of traffic. :)

 What a day. Tomorrow they will move the front pod back by 400mm to bump up nicely against the back one, and other bits and pieces they need to do. You are probably also wondering what is going to happen to the downstairs. The pod is really stage one. Downstairs brick work will be the same finish as the top, with new windows all across the front and also finally a porch. The tiles that are currently still on the carport and the back section will also be replaced with the some tin sheeting. So no, we are not quite done yet. Then we have the inside to do. Dust and rubble for quite a while yet.

Till tomorrow.
(so looking forward to a good nights rest. It has been just a little mind boggling.)

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