Wednesday, January 9, 2013

made for you: dressed by you activity

It is holiday time at home again. 
It is 9:30 in the morning. 
It is a cooler day today - relief from the last humid 40 degree days we have been having. 
It is washing catch-up day. 
It is housework catch-up day. 
It is also sleep catch-up day. The youngest is asleep for an early morning nap. The next one is having quiet time in mums bed. The boy is playing lego. The oldest has found her crochet ripple pillow in the lounge. Mum is having a bit of time on the computer finishing off some half written blog posts.

Here is a craft activity box that I put together beginning of December. I had this idea pinned on Pinterest for a while thinking it was a great way to use up scraps. With a birthday invite to a friends 5th birthday, we completed a box for her thinking it was rather quite age-appropriate. I had two pairs of eyes watching, and wondering if mum printed spare dolls or cut up spare material, and "who are those extra boxes for?" 
(Love the things you can do when the children are at school and they think you do housework all day!) 

On the quiet I put together to more packs for our oldest two girls for camping, and placed in their activity bags.

They did a beautiful job and thoroughly enjoyed cutting up their "own" material. Miss K even crocheted chain and joined her dolls together, all ready to decorate a bedroom.

Some of Miss E's dolls forgot that suncreen is important when camping and are patiently waiting next to my chair to be crocheted into some bunting for her. Her Oma (Grandmother) even sat down next to her at the camping table and helped her. And no she didn't forget to dress one; they are her bathers :)

The only down side? I didn't print enough dolls. Off to print some more. 


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