Thursday, January 10, 2013

Made by Me: craft book review

This blog post I hope to share a craft book. 

Meet Kirsty. Handmade. Handstitched. Thanks to a very easy to read and understand craft book, aimed directly at children, this has kept our daughter busy for the last year. Brought out of hibernation every so often, and finally finished off this week.

I came across this book Made by Me by Jane Bull, published by DK, last year sometime and promptly bought several copies. One for our bookshelf and the rest into the present box. 
The book itself covers hand-stitching, embroidery, felt softies,  Knitting: finger knitting, wooden doll knitting to step by step using knitting needles.
 I'll share a few photos from the inside of the book: 

 Clear and straight forward photos to help with the sewing process. Sewing pattern for the doll at the back of the book and simple clothes to dress the doll. 
**Note: hair was added by stitching yarn after looking at images on google.

 ...and so Kirsty is added to her softie collection...
This book was originally purchased from our local Big W. I have seen it also published as part of a craft folder by DK. 
This book is available online from good book selling websites for approx $12. A great investment for hours of entertainment for years to come.

Love to hear if you have a good craft book you could recommend?



  1. Hi - i strumbled to your blog by surching for some crochet buntings ;-)) - and i saw this book. A View minutes later i sold it on a website (second hand für 5€)- yes and you can by it also in german language. It's a gift for a friends girl, BUT i have to read it before - of course ;-))
    Greatings from Germany

  2. Thanks for your comment! I hope your friends girl will have lots of enjoyment from it!