Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 into 2013

A few days late, but still wishing my readers a happy new year.

It is hard to believe where 2012 went. We can reflect on a year of happiness, sadness, challenges, enjoyment and many rich blessings to count daily from our Father.
Once school had finished for the year, we could get away for a family holiday under peppi trees and possums, enjoy some extra camping company and celebrate our Saviour's birth on Christmas Day with my parents and sister who travelled down for a beautiful day.
Plenty of relaxing under pinetrees on green lawns, bit of craft and crocheting, loads of swimming and after dinner sunset family beach walks - and surviving a heatwave with out air conditioning!
But we are now back to reality, and back to normal household duties, looking forward to swimming lessons. Back to hopefully squeezing in some craft/crocheting and sewing and sharing some projects.
(above project post coming up)
Wishing you all still a pleasant holiday time.

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  1. Happy New Year Lee!
    Love the photo of the sand and shells in the shoe- something my girls would do.