Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TISW {one}

How could I not resist to join up with this weekly challenge for 2013?

All that my machines have done the past two weeks is collected dust. 

Late last year I set up  made room and claimed a small portion at one end of the kids activity desk for my machines, with the plan of doing a whole lot more sewing. Right smack bang in the middle of all the noise, so I can keep an eye on things. With the sewing machine just serviced, and the replacement of a new walking foot (how do I love the walking foot!), material patiently waiting to be unfolded and pinned to pattern pieces, I am itching to start. But I must prioritize.

I can even hear my crochet hooks calling, complaining about neglect.

Thanks for the initiative and I will get there, Tash! Anyone else planning on joining up?


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