Thursday, July 5, 2012

made for you: jojo-bag

With the towel loads all done, house in order, and girls playing happily with playdough, I thought I would share this little bag that I have finished this past week, with you.
 It was a special order from a friend for her daughter, to match her sunday outfit
 a flower to make the bag extra girly
 I opted for these leather handles from a patchwork shop as the bag is intended to carry a Book and girly things, and I didn't want crochet handles to stretch from the weight.
I also lined it with a fat quarter to stop small things falling thru the holes and stop the crochet from stretching, and stitched to the top row of dc with invisible thread on the sewing machine.
An easy in and out bag, no fiddly buttons or zippers for little hands.

Time to enjoy a cofee with my 'dinner' that has been made for me with little hands and playdough.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful work again Leanne! I love those leather handles too, they really finish it off nicely.