Wednesday, July 4, 2012

made for you: winter cowl

This beautiful winter cowl was made from a nice wool, following a very basic pattern, inspired by this warm and toasty cowl by Jo-Ellen. I modified it a bit, but I guess that is what I like most about crocheting, is that you can improvise. Change to suit. Add colour.

And this particular Cowl took no thinking along crocheting terms. So it left me plenty of time to think about other things. And think I did.

Thinking a lot actually, especially while I was busy with this project, and when it was quiet in the house.

I thought
...while I was hooking it over a morning coffee,
...over a milo at night,
...5 mins here while the veggies are boiling and all is quiet with busy readers in the lounge, the school pickup carpark at the end of the day,
...and late in bed when sleep doesn't wish to come upon me
...for the lovely sister in Christ (who is the recipient of this Cowl) and her family
 ...and how trully blessed we really are...
...and for the individual personallity of the children we have been blessed with (even though they can be challenging)...

...for the good health that we have all been granted...
...and thinking how much we need to be thankful for, each day again...
and the list just grows!
Hoping this Cowl brings some warmth, these cooler winter days. Seeing this was such an easy one to make, I have purchased some more wool for one myself. (more thinking time with the holidays approaching I am going to need something for those quiet-time moments I can do with out following instructions with the extra voices in the house!)

Speaking of holidays, I am having a 'little-miss crochet group' session with my eldest and two friends that would love to learn. All three are 9. Should be fun.

Wishing you all a good week, and enjoyable school holidays.


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  1. That's a really nice colour!
    I can't believe the holidays are already (almost) upon us - so much for all those things I would have liked to get to before the holidays!
    Little-miss crochet sounds like a good plan, though!