Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday with a difference

Today was a Saturday with a difference. 

Firstly it started raining. We haven't had a wet Saturday for a long time so it was great to feel the raindrops! 
Secondly inbetween washing I was crocheting on Saturday morning, normally unheard of, but it was just a bit, finishing of Block 11 (post later date). 
Thirdly, we normally do 'house and property stuff', eg mowing, gardening, maintenance, but we gave these things up and took our 4 children in the car and went go for a drive into Perth city to Central's Showcase Gallery. 

A Gallery isn't something that we have ever really scheduled into our famiy outings, but this was kind of special. It was an exhibition of our dear friend's beautiful, talented handi-work of two years - to be a child. She has captured children from all angles, involved in all sorts of activities.
Click on the link to go to her website.

Kimberley took her 3megapixel camera along and kindly took a few photos. The photos do not do the quilts justice. There are so many more details you can see close up,  and these are only a couple out of the 17 quilts she had on display. 

School children hard at work

Children and reading


Personally I could have spent more time there looking at each individual quilt, but with four young children and their attention span, we did well considering!

Oh and it isn't every day that your youngest will sit on the exhibitionist's lap... :)

Still on in Perth for another week and then also going to Albany in the next couple of weeks. (see her website for more details.)

Thank you Ruth, a family outing we all enjoyed!


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