Friday, April 27, 2012

miss K's blocks

In the last few days of the school holidays after seeing my effort at blocking my squares, Kimberley found her crochet hook again and was re-invigorated to start something.

Its been a while since she set her first crocheting attempt to the side.There was an afternoon last week where I was joined in the lounge by Kimberley crocheting, and then Jord's wanted to try it (but gave up after 30 seconds...!) and Emma - 4yrs. Emma sat with her 5 chains that I started her with, twirling and whirling her yarn over and around her hook for about half an hour telling us that she was making a blanket for Zac, and also a hat for Nadia. Her ball of yarn still sits to the side with her hook and 5 chain! :)

A simple granny square was made, and she thoroughly enjoyed blocking her square on some cork board. Then another square was made and blocked, and hung up near my board with squares, and last night she got started on the third one.

Ok, I change colours for her, but by the third block she has made a slip knot at the beginning and has started her self off, and she quite happily finishes all her ends in too! A few 'whoopsies' with counting of trebles, but that is all part of learning.

 Her two main colours are white edges with the pink somewhere in the block, and any other 'off-cuts' of my yarn stash she can use for the other two rows.

What a pity school has started again...

Back to crocheting by myself during 'quiet time'.


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  1. Great work Kimberley! You're doing a great job! Keep at it! Love Aunty Em x