Wednesday, April 18, 2012

back on track

Sorry about the 'no photo posts' from last week. We managed to escape for a week just as family to catch up and we just happened to be enjoying this:

and playing hopscotch complete with stones:

But inbetween all the family time, I managed to work thru some of my crochet to-do list. My afghan got a few more repeats done, until I ran out of my sandy colour. Four repeats done, five to go. I also managed to finish off all the ends so far, on the road trip home. One less job that needs to be done at the end.

And I caught up with the Spotlight 'Krista Rug' blocks. 10 of the 25 blocks completed!
15 weeks to go.  
Back at home I have actually re-done the white edging of all of them in a smaller hook which gives the edges of each block a nice firm edge and helps pull them square. I have now blocked these squares by the simple procedure of slightly spraying the blocks with a fine mist of water, and pinning them out to a 17cm square grid on a pin-up board, which now hangs on the side of my pantry drying. I can now appreciate the lacy blocks.

And the little girls gumboots are completed too, and seeing we had a bit of rain this morning (YAY!!)  I couldn't resist taking them near some water pooled on our deck.

And as promised a better shot of the colour of the boys gumboots:

And finally so far these holidays is the promised 0-3months pink cowboy hat that was ordered.

Now to get on with some extra squares, another George, and some ordered school colour headbands. Then we are nearly thru with my school holiday to-do list!

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  1. You've been busy Leanne! I still have one more Krista block to go then I've caught up - hopefully before Friday. Those gumboots are adorable too :-)