Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Teething Necklace {Crochet}

Sometime ago I was asked to crochet over some natural wooden beads by a lovely lass who wanted to make herself a teething necklace. All infants like to reach for necklaces. It's just what they do. This one was going to be safe enough for son to chomp on and gentle enough on his gums. No sharp edges and corners. 

She chose a blue verigated crochet cotton and I got to hang out with a a teenie-tiny crochet hook for a while. I used the pattern from Craft Passion to make them. I sent them off, still with their tails and the left over cotton so she could play around with the design of the necklace. 

She had purchased the smaller beads herself. These are her photos that she has shared back with me.

One of these is headed to my to-do list shortly. Check out pinterest for more teething necklaces. Ideas a-plenty!


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