Friday, June 21, 2013

House update {six}

Progress is still happening, even though it isn't really visible from the outside. We have power upstairs and the plumbing is all connected and ready to go. Bathroom and ensuite tiles have been chosen. The gyprocker has finished and paint - here we come! (Maybe no more crafting for a while...)
Helping make the porch trusses

A bit more masterwall installation.

 Oh no! That is Zebi. Hours worth of handmade work going down a dusty slide. 
**He was quickly removed, dusted off and placed back in a bed** 
Please Opa, don't remove the slide :( it might not be suitable for the kids to go down, but its great amusement for the softies. 

 Last flight of stairs almost complete
The slide was removed :(


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  1. I thought for a minute you were incorporating a slide for the kids into your stairwell - I've seen these on Pinterest before! At least they got to enjoy it for a little while. It's looking good, must be very exciting to see your house grow!