Monday, March 11, 2013

weekend reflection

'...Thunders roar and lightnings glare,
God's voice strips the forest bare...'
psalm 29 rhymed version

This has to be one of my favourite psalms. It has been for many years. My children give me a smile from the pew when we have sung it in church. They know. My siblings would remember from my childhood years. It speaks so wonderfully of the power of God. 

The weekend has come and gone. The children are happily back to school. 

Last night we were woken up and I didn't mind one bit. It was thundering and lightning. After nearly 4 months of hot, dry weather, it poured down with rain. 
It made me feel so happy. I love rain. 
The gardens have soaked it all up and the grass looks instantly greener. There are still droplets on the plant leaves.
There are puddles outside. The youngest walked in them with her sandals. 
It is something you must do as a child. 
It just made me wish a little bit more for winter to hurry up. But we need the seasons. They were all carefully planned by Him.

And the forecast is for showers with storm clearing this afternoon. Hopefully we hear more pitter patter on our roof before the day is done.

What a beautiful way to end a weekend/beginning. 



  1. gorgeous isn't it? Love that psalm too!
    Funny that we wrote about the rain this morning...

    Have a lovely week!

  2. Stunning photo!!! My littlest was most perplexed by the rain this morning- it has been too long for him to remember!