Friday, March 8, 2013

picture story

 picture story of our weekend that flowed over into our week. a long weekend with an added student free day. just what we needed. a mid term break. no one complained.

no more front door. for a while.


 **bad smartphone photo**
 ten more instruction books completed. 4 hours later.

 a day babysitting a handsome little guy. on his birthday. how special.

and it is friday. i just knew this week would disappear. wishing you all an enjoyable and refreshing weekend.



  1. Looks like there is never a dull moment at your house! I must come for a cuppa soon! X

  2. love your crochet work Leanne! how are your patience levels with this project, still got enough left?? Love the colour too! x

  3. Thanks Em and Jo-Ellen. you must em. the weeks are disappearing fast. as for my patience Jo-Ellen, is that for the valance? it actually works up quite quick and the cotton is easy to work with - makes it the more enjoyable.

  4. gorgeous photos Lee! a true hive of activity! I think you have patience with the Lego books :) The valance looks great. Bought some more yarn last week, will bring it on Thursday - you can give me a ripple tutorial??

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. thanks tash. it's more that the Lego books will survive the constant handling of 4 kids rather then patience that keeps me persevering with this project! it is quiet monotonous and time consuming but with the eldest happy to feed it thru the laminator, it is do-able :) as for the ripple, look forward to seeing your colour choice.