Thursday, March 14, 2013

TISW {seven}

shh... its all quiet here this afternoon. with three sleeping children under three. never had that before in this house. so a quick update from the sewing corner this week: 
joining in with this is sew weekly.

Today I sewed. The rain was pouring down again. Thunder was making it self known. Such cosy inside weather. In March! Washing wasn't drying fast enough in this weather to be folded. Yet. 
Two children were eagerly discussing going outside to play - "because the grass isn't getting wet, only the road...!" Thankfully they kept themselves happily amused inside. For ages. And the littlest one was away in la-la land. Having a good snooze.

Just something small and easy, in between fixing a derailed thomas and friends, having baby cuddles and spooning babyfood, to add a bit of a personal touch to my camera. Very straight forward - two bits of long skinny material, sewn together, turned the right way out, for a very nice snug fit around the camera strap. Good-bye bold red words. 

Also this week squares have been cut. Another 273, and sewing has begun on another quilt top. (and that isn't pink you see. That is watermelon-colour...)

Parcel man came this morning, nice and early, with the long awaited material for the last one. Cutting can begin again.
 Beautiful fabric, from the Riley Blake Delighted range.

Off to prepare dinner before they all wake up... Oh this rain is wonderful! What a wonderful day it has been.


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  1. Nice photos, Leanne, and I'm so glad they behaved well enough for you to fit some sewing in!