Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A few weeks ago Spotlight started releasing a square pattern-a-week for the next 25 weeks and it will be made up into a blanket when its done. They made their blanket only out of white, but as I had balls of yarn sitting there waiting for a project (and I could still purchase extra of the same colour!) I opted to make a coloured blanket with the outside border of each square in white. Who in mind? No one yet.
I must say as I go along it reminds me of a blackberry patch... (if you can imagine that...maybe its just me)

Here are the squares that have been released so far each friday:

Square 1: the basic Granny square, what all the squares are based on.

Square 2 - I love this one. The flower is made first and not attached afterwards as it looks. The inside of the flower is made as a 'lump' in the middle.

Square 3: Interesting pattern using circles and squares

Square 4: very similar to the granny square but this one has 'clusters' in each corner creating a 'X' thru the middle of it. I think the colours make it hard to see it, but it is there... :)

Square 5: this one caused a few problems for fellow spotlight crocheters as the pattern wasn't correct, but thanks to a lovely lady who wrote a new pattern for row 5 and 6 I managed it to look like theirs.  Again the colours of the photo make it a bit harder to see the detail of the square, but in each corner there is a nice arch.

The five completed squares at the moment. No particular order yet. Each square is approx 18cm wide, 28 stitches.
Looking forward to Fridays square.

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  1. I love your colours! And wasn't the 2nd block neat to do. I look forward to each Friday too now even though they have been releasing them in quite a predictable order ;-)