Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Monday night I came across this cute hat by The Lovely Crow. With next week Farm Day and bigger hats already in the dressup box for the older girls, I new it would be nice hat for Nadia.

She had the cowboy hat pattern available for purchase on Ravelry, going up to size 2-4. With pink wool at hand and a size 6mm hook (it is worked in double strand) only 24 rows later it is completed. She puts a lot of time and effort into her patterns and they hence they are easy to read and work beautifully (considering you have the right gauge.) The gumboots on a previous post are also one of her patterns.

One happy and excited model this morning trying hard to show me a smile!

(note: I haven't even taken out my safety pin row marker or finished off the yarn at the back!)

Totally finished off now.
What I like about this one, it can be totally crumpled, and re-shaped within a minute, and no, it will not be going in the dressup box!


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  1. Love the hat..It looks adorable..
    Nice big cheesy grin on your model there!!
    Luv ya