Monday, March 26, 2012

back to the hat.

Well with the weekend come and gone, the pink cowboys hat got some wear, the smallest size of the pattern was made and a new pink one was created as I wasn't happy with how the first one wore. It was great when it was set up for posing, but after that, well, especially when little hands 'pull it over their head' it really looses shape real fast.

I still am not happy with how the large size (size 2-4yrs) worked. I used a bigger hook, so that made things sit better all round, but not sure whether it was the yarn (she suggested using soft yarn) or whether the pattern is just more suited for a smaller hat. I really don't have the time this week to make another large hat, so we may just have a little lady farmer minus a hat. :) But I would like to try this size using a harder yarn, and see if that makes a difference. Just not this week.

The small one worked a treat. This (photo below) is the smallest size, 0-3 months. It was also made out of 'non-soft' yarn, so it is actually quite stiff and holds it shape really well. It fits the girls dolls (berenguer) beautifully, looks great on a shelf and would look really nice in a baby photoshoot.

 (Too much time on my hands? What else do you do when your body is zapped of its energy from a headcold...?)
Back to normal household tasks this week and finishing off the last 3/4's of the little girls gumboot. Thats my aim for this week - and looking forward to block #7 on Friday.

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