Wednesday, March 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday

5 WIP snippets for this Wednesday.

The sewing room is taking shape nicely and I have been able to enjoy spending little amounts of time here and there in the room. 

1. Hanging out with this cute foxy fabric was fun! Details up on blog soon.

2. A wee-skirt for a daughter. A zip, elastic and a hem to go. Will she ever grow out of her twirling skirts?

3. Hello bump. Good bye feet. Till we meet again. A miraculous WIP. Thankful all is going well.

4. As-you-go-stripey blanket still making progress. I had progressed further but then realised I had skipped one of the middle chevron rows. I do hate frogging. But if I had left it, I would see the mistake every time I would look at it.

5. 40 felt circles cut. Anyone up for guess what this WIP might be?

Linking up with Handmade and Home this week for WIP Wednesday. 
Go and have a sneak peek at her lovely cushions.

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  1. I love your stripey blanket. I made one and it was so much fun.