Monday, March 9, 2015

Make it Monday: Straight Sewing {mini bunting}

Mini bunting. Who doesn't like a bit of bunting?! 
And it is straight sewing.

Draw and cut out your triangular pattern from paper. My flag measured approx 9cm (long sides) and 7cm (top side) **tip: fold your paper in half, measure and cut.

Cut two pieces for each flag from your desired fabric. I used cotton scraps that I had available. Decide on the length of the bunting and how many flags you would like.

With right sides together, stitch the long sides, making sure you reverse stitch at beginning and end. Trim off point as shown. Turn each flag out the right way, using a blunt pointed object to push out the point (knitting needle).

Trim the top corners and threads and give a good press with your iron.

I used bias binding to join the flags together to form the bunting. Fold in half length ways, and press with your iron.

Lay out your flags in your desired pattern. I have made them touch, top corner to top corner. Insert them right up to the half way fold mark in the bias binding and pin firmly in place. (Photo below)

Straight stitch along the edge of the bias binding, making sure you catch the other side of the binding as well.  Give another press and it is ready to hang. 

Don't limit yourself to a small sized flag. The bigger your flag pattern, the larger your bunting!

Happy sewing. More straight sewing next monday.


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  1. The mini bunting is so cute! This is how I make mine too, it's nice and quick. Liking the look of your pegboard too :-)