Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Colour overload!
Linking up with Bec from over at handmadeandhome. Always a little bit of time here and there for a bit more progress.
This week I have finally made some headway on the quilt from the previous post, and another book-based floor pillow made it to the cutting board. The scrap-busting granny stripe has also grown and we have received part of the yarn order for the as-we-go-stripey blanket. (this looks like a fun blanket to do, involving different stitches and colours each row.)

This maisy material was gifted to me some time ago. So happy to have finally put it to use. It's nearly done, and super cute. Check back soon!

Last night I put my daughters maths to the test. 
77 clusters of 3 trebles makes the length of the granny stripe = 231 plus 1 for the starting/finishing treble. = 232 trebles per row. 
double that for each colour = 464 trebles per colour. 
times that by 26 colours = 12064 trebles so far on the blanket. 
That's a lot of yarn overs and pull throughs :) 
Dare you to do the maths on your current blanket.


  1. Hi Lee, read you post on handmadeandhome blog. Love Love Love Maisey!!!! I have all the DVDs too! Love your colours! and your blanket. I'm doing a marathon edge on my latest crochet rug and it is really eating up the yarn! Scary crochet!

  2. Loving all that colour Lee! Some great projects going on there,