Wednesday, May 7, 2014

crochet: grannystripe

In amongst all the rubble and building supplies, there has been a little bit of time here and there to sit and crochet for a few minutes. While waiting till I could decide on what next big blanket pattern and yarn to use, I wound up all my scraps of 8ply acrylics and started on a nice bright and colourful, 150cm wide granny stripe blanket.

The sewing room also very quickly became a storage room, but with the need for the boxes of winter clothes it has slowly come to life again. I have a birthday in 4 weeks, and there is a quilt that should be finished. Nothing better then a race against the date. And then the next girlys birthday is 4 weeks after that. And her quilt should be finished too. And I should get the pins back to their rightful owner. I had better get busy.

I had better get busy.


1 comment:

  1. The Granny Stripe is gorgeous and bright Lee! Have you got some space that you can spread the quilts out and leave them when you aren't working on them? All the best with the deadlines!