Tuesday, July 16, 2013

House update {seven}

We are in the middle of school holidays here, actually well and truly into the second week, and it is raining. It sounds wonderful. Last week we started off to a fine start, the children working with me and doing one spring cleaning job a day. That lasted two days. The car got a birthday and the bathroom drawer was re-sorted, beaded necklaces were untangled and broken hair ties and clips were binned. Then we didn't get a lot accomplished thanks to some bug that floated around and left us with headaches and fevers and other nasties. Birthday party plans were even canceled. Thankfully the birthday wasn't quite forgotten.

On the house: Progress is still happening. Undercoat painting is nearly all done. Robes and linen cupboards have all been painted and are having all their shelves fitted. The kids bathroom has been waterproofed. (ours is currently the tool room - ie you can't work/walk in there. The last few Saturdays have been beautiful weather and has seen us all working outside getting the porch underway.


getting their turn at painting with undercoat. 
waterproofing the bathroom.

Hoping you are also enjoying these school holidays.


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