Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A whisper and Crochet: Lacy Beret

Shall I whisper a little treasure trove that I found on the weekend? 

Their webpage: The Blue Box down in Busselton. 
Their facebook: The Blue Box

Head over, have a look and bump up their stats on their on-line pages! Or jot it down and pop past next time you head south or if you live south, drop in next time you go for a jetty walk.

With us heading to Busselton as our favourite family getaway at least twice a year,  I am not sure how I have missed this place over the years. After walking out of the Dymocks bookshop, I spotted the four letter word. 
With it being lunchtime on a Saturday and closing time at 1pm I didn't have long to browse. Walking into the shop they have quilters fabric, baskets of yarn on sale and a nice display of handmade knits. Socks. Tunics. Cardigans. All made out of gorgeous yarns. And then we saw it. The back wall right through the shop. 
Yarn - Alpaca. Merino. Cotton. Acrylics. Take your pick. Plenty of choice for that special project you have sitting to the side, waiting to be made. All so much nicer then what our big chain-craft store carries.
Go and say hello to the lovely ladies there. I know I will visit them again! 

Love to hear if you have found a nice little craft shop, hidden away somewhere.
 I purchased a few special yarns ready for some summer projects. I also walked out with this chunky wool. However, it didn't last long as a ball of wool.
 So pure, that when it was wet for blocking (which really helped the star pattern lay flat), I could have said there was a sheep in our room. Not quite that bad, you had to hold it to your nose. That lanolin smell. 

Worked up into the Lacy Beret from the Issue05 Simply Crochet magazine.

Nice and snug and warm for the cold winter days. 



  1. Oooh do I spy some Crofter in your bag? Looks like a delightful shop :-) Love the beret too!

    1. it is indeed Bec! I fell in love with one of the little girls knitted tunics they had made up with this yarn on display of the shop. Looking forward to making this up into something for summer.

    2. Mum has knitted a few cardi's for Izzy using Crofter, it is a wonderful yarn. Really easy care too :-)