Thursday, April 25, 2013

Holidays, WIP and house update {three}

It has been rather quiet on the blog for a while. School is out, kids are home, the sun has been shining.  We are well and truly into school holidays and enjoying each day.  

Between doing normal household duties, painting, tiling and early nights, not a great deal of crafting has happened. I did manage to finish the second valance a few weeks ago and very happy with how the Bendigo Mills 8ply cotton worked up and that it was an easy take-anywhere-project. Really looking forward to hanging these ones up in the windows.

With the valance finished, I still had one and a 1/3rd left of the cotton. And so I have embarked on my new crochet project which I am quite excited about. No real pattern to work with and not so easy to hold in your hand or lap.(this one won't be sitting in the bottom of my bag!) I have actually had to change my hold on the crochet hook from a pencil grip to a knife hold, making progress just that bit slower.
A bit of sewing too.  I did try to make friends with two zips. They are sort of happy. They do their job and won't fall out the skirt. **Note: no photos of finished garment with zip showing**

 ahem. excuse the wardrobe malfunction, but she had to try her 'ephalant' skirt on and see how well it works, and thankfully it was up to her standards!

 The bedrunner was also pulled out of the crate that has been packed up and a few more rows worked. (Our lounge is fairly basic at the moment with most things packed away due to the continual dust supply.)

 dust + dirt = progress. 

 snapshots of the smallest room in the house that is undergoing some attention.

And lastly here are a few shots of the house taken in the factory end of last week. 


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