Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter weekend - House update {two}

This past weekend was Easter weekend. A time to remember and reflect on our Saviour's death and resurrection. 

This special weekend also gave us extra days off from our normal work and school. We could enjoy Dad's company at home. We pottered along altogether (with his Dad's help too) and made a somewhat big dent in the front entry way. 

For those interested in a progress report:
the wall-chasers had been on Thursday and nicely put two cuts in the wall.
the sledgie had a workout. 

we also took the kids for a drive to the factory, where they could jump up and down in their new bedrooms - and check out the view of their windows :)

love the flowers in our native garden - they really do take it in turns with bright, bird attracting flowers.

sand & rubble = sandcakes

doorframe in. temporary doors nailed in. pineframes made. insultation peeping thru. spare floorboards put down to cover up concrete for time being. 

** if you visit our house, be prepared to see dust. it is envitable at the moment. you sweep, you vacuum, you mop. and it makes its appearance again the next day. **


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  1. Looks like it was a productive weekend! I love that you can 'visit' your addition, so clever!