Friday, December 7, 2012

made for you: activity bag

A few years ago I made some 'activity bags for the three children, to take on road trips and holidays, filled with a few special items, new book and a drawing pad with crayons, or for the youngest one, it was baby toys. What they could fit in, was what they were allowed to take along. 
Made from fine cordouroy with a drawstring top, I cut up a loved t-shirt and added some colourful buttons for a herbie-loving son. I stitched with a straight stitch 0.5cm around herbie to allow the stretch fabric to roll. This still hangs happily in his room, ready for the next road trip. 

I have kept their drawing books. Nice to look back on and see what they drawed in the back of the car, how their scribbles turned into drawings and what kept them occupied early in the morning while they were still in their camp beds.

Now with the youngest one requiring one for this holiday season, I based it on the Hobo Sack tutorial via  Belle Cherie Handmade. With some girly cotton, its all set to be filled with treasures.


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