Tuesday, December 11, 2012

LMCG: new project

Since last holidays I was hoping to get together with the LMCG (little miss crochet group) for another session, but this term has just flown by and we are now headed to end of year school holidays, and I haven't had my get-together. But last weekend saw two of the LMCG members under our roof for a night, both with recently completed projects. Here and Here.

It was just before dinner time and I asked M if she took her crocheting along by any chance and what was she currently working on. Her response was that she took it along, 6 or so balls of yarn and her hooks, and no she hadn't started anything new. With my daughter at the same stage, I went straight to Lucy from Attic24, I know she has simple and VERY CLEAR instructions with loads of photos. Knowing the girls are keen to move on from the granny square, I headed for the Neat Ripple Pattern, which would teach them to crochet in a foundation chain, changing colours regularly, turning your work to work in rows and also increase (mountains) and decrease (valleys).

With a set of instructions printed for both of the girls, they made a start still before dinner reading the instructions and with counting chain, working out how long they wanted their project to be - we decided on a cushion cover - and that they had to work in multiples of 14 plus 3. Out came the calculator and they worked it out together. Working their foundation row they found tricky. I made them persevere trying to work out where to put their hook in the chain, aswell as trying to figure out the increase and decrease. They both got about a 1/3rd along the row, with many pull-outs before my softspot gave in and I finished the foundation row early Saturday morning for them, so they could practice the valleys and mountains on an established row.

Thats all they needed, and away they went. Yesterday when I spoke to M, she was up to her fifth colour change and cruising along, even taking it to school for during recess! Our muffet is onto her third colour change, but being home from school today and with thunder outside, she is curled on the couch, with busy fingers.
Hopefully there becomes a time in these school holidays where I can get the girls all back together for another fun evening.

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