Thursday, September 27, 2012

wip update

September arrived someone time ago, and so did Spring! Days have also seemed to disappear just as fast. It is the end of term 3 already. I still remember when we started school at the beginning of the year. I guess it has been busy in this household, and blogging about my craft gets put on the back burner.
I have been crocheting too, keeping my hands and mind occupied, and trying to get some projects completed before their deadlines.
Blooming Flower from Attic24 started, not completed.

Quality relaxing time crocheting and book reading out in the sun one fine Spring afternoon with two little ladies

who love nothing more then being in Mum's shoes for a while.

Bouncing balls, almost completed. Dead line for this one was tomorrow, but our dear friends were richly blessed with Marcus 2 weeks ago. So my crochet hook has been busy since, eager to get it completed for him.

...dreaming of a new simple boys throw... using this stripe generator

The little cardigan for my new neice. This is also a race against time, or rather, getting it finished before she won't fit it anymore... Worked in finer cotton, it is a nice break (though more fiddly) from 8ply.

And my own labels have arrived! I am looking forward to adding them to my completed projects.

A gift brought all the way over from Canada. 100% cotton. Now to think what special project I can make with it.
In September I also enjoyed getting together with some other crocheters, to share ideas and help each other along. Now I am looking forward to enjoying the children during school holidays. No urgency to get out of the house early. Looking forward to a relaxed pace for 2 weeks. 
Maybe some crafting. Maybe another LMCG.  
But no promises.
With 34 degrees forecasted already for monday (a major change from today's wet and windy15 degrees) I can see it will be time spent outside.

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  1. You have some great looking WIPs there! Enjoy the holidays :-) will get that disk to you ASAP, just waiting for Mum to burn it. Your labels turned out great too!