Monday, September 3, 2012

made for you: daddy

With the calendar saying it was Father's Day this past weekend, and all the shops and junkmail shouting out that they have 'the perfect gift for dad', we have decided we are not going to support this over-commercialised business any more, because Dad is special everyday.

Instead, it was agreed upon around the dinner table, that if the children would like to give dad a gift and card for that Sunday, it is to be handmade. Quick reactions were "oh goody, I know what I am going to make" to "I don't know what to make". With different craft and satisfaction levels within our four children, I thought I had better step in and help/encourage them.

And because Dad wouldn't appreciate wear crocheted socks, or doesn't need another beanie, we went for a quick trip to the supermarket, and a message to a fellow crafter, I think we have it all sorted, and the children think it is a wonderful idea.

Those that know me personally, will know that me and my kitchen don't really mix. No, rather put it, me and baking don't mix. I left those genes for my younger sisters.
Once I saw this cute chocolate mould, I knew that I should be able to pull off this suppose-to-be simple cooking exercise.

And yes, all was going well, till the last batch I was going to make swirled ones, and ahem, I melted a plastic container in the microwave and my house lost its hot chocolate smell to a rather awful burnt chocolate and plastic smell... but with three batches completed without mishap, I wasn't going to try and rescue the plastic and burnt flavoured choc melts.
 At least we have 72 yummy chocolates ready to giftwrap for Dad - and homemade with love and (one set of) little fingers.
All gift wrapped thanks to Rachel, for making these special food-gift-boxes!

not 100% perfect, but 100% yummy, and 100% ready to eat
Cards are still being drawn and written in at the desk at time of writing this post. These take time, as thoughts for design and message change daily... :)
You may do it different, and you are allowed. But here, our children show their appreciation regularly with the daily hugs and kisses, sharing job loads, special outings, one on one time, and odd playfight for the boys.
Above all we thank our Heavenly Father for giving us Dad, as our daddy, husband and family leader. Our thoughts are also with those that would love to be a Dad, but for reasons beyond their control, have not been blessed with children.
with love
your noisy bunch
 (and I think I should leaving baking alone...)


  1. Cute idea Leanne! Sometimes the simple gifts are the most appreciated :-)

  2. We are so glad you liked the box, it looked like it was a big hit! Thanks for putting the photo up on facebook too, it is great to see the finished products! The chocolates look soooooo good!