Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hexagon Bag completed!

After many hours crocheting, and nearly as many sewing, the Hexagon bag from Craft Passion is completed, all ready for our Little Miss to turn 5.
All done! Now for some WIP photos:

All these loose ends... No end-burying-fairy around.

Hexagons being blocked.

Hexagons all blocked, nice and flat to work with for joining.

Hexagons joined together in rows. The fun part was the next bit of joining, all the hips and valleys.

Lining and quilting fabric all ready to go.

Machine quilted. Must say I missed my walking foot, which happened to break some months ago, and superglue just wouldn't hold it. :(

Quilted bag taken shape.

Quilted lining all complete.

RS together, ready to be stitched.

The right-side out of the lining. Even a pocket included in the lining!

I didn't take enough seam allowance off the lining bag so it was a little on the tall side for the crocheted bag once it was placed inside. A fellow crocheter suggested I do sc (dc) all the way around for a extra bit of height. I added on two rows of sc (dc) and now the lining fits snug inside the bag.

Two bags, ready to be joined together.

I added a snap-stud instead of magnets

Handstitching the two bags together with invisible-thread. Half way around.

As with all my crocheting, it is left next to my chair and worked on in the lounge with the family all around. They have sort of given up asking what I am making or who for. So it took for this long before just the otherday, she picked it up and said "Mum, this would make a nice Sunday bag for me"...

yay, all done and final bag shared with you!
Now to put away in cupboard till July.

I have more projects currently on the way. I will share these and my last few blocks for the krista throw shortly.



  1. Hey Leanne,
    It turned out really well! Great job! Love the colours too!

  2. Stunning Leanne! What a big job, but worth it! I hope she reeeally likes it!!

  3. Wow Leanne, it looks great! Looks like it was a lot of work but the finish of it is beautiful - especially with those extra touches like pockets and clasps to shut. Well done!

  4. are sooo clever Leanne! It's beautiful!

  5. Wow, Leanne, that's fantastic!! I'm sure Miss 5 will love it.