Friday, June 29, 2012


The other week I was (unnecessarily) spoilt.

Apart from my favourite handcream and slimming chocolates, there were two great books included:

For a dog loving family, the ami ami dogs are too cute and favourite ones have been requested to be made. And then a crochet flowers book: from carnations to poppies, there is a nice selection of twenty different flowers, that can be added to any crochet project for a feminine touch.

And then the other week while I was at the post office (they often have good books on sale), I came across this handy book by DK, all 400 pages of it:

Detailed explanations of knitting, embroidery, needlecraft, quilting,crochet, applique and patchwork. Hopefully this book gets lots of use over the next years with the girls loving craft.

With my crochet book shelf growing and the internet also providing endless inspiration, I really don't have any excuse to have idle hands now do I?
I still have my eyes on the 200 crochet squares by Jan Eaton though...

For those of my readers that have been to our place, we love books. All our children thrive on books, if they are quiet they will be somewhere with a book.
Any book.
And yes, we are in need of more book space...


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  1. Lovely! There is so much for free on the internet but nothing really beats a nice glossy craft book/magazine in my opinion!