Thursday, September 22, 2011

there was polly... and along came hoot

Going back to school holidays a while back, we had an extra 6 year old girl staying with us for a few days. What better way to busy them in the holidays was with some handstitching. I cut out these cute looking owls from some fat quarters and felt, and away the girls stitched - well Kimberley and Hannah anyways, while Emma was content to put pins in the material. I quite liked the little stuffed toys, that a few more purple ones with extra ribbons were made (machine stitched).

Note: Green one hand stitched by Kimberley (8)

My little 3yr old nephew fell in love with his sisters Polly, the purple one (top one) , and well thats not right for a little boy to have a purple owl to take to bed, so along came Hoot, quite a bit bigger and in boys colours. Oh and bigger loops of silky ribbon for little fingers!

Well, seeing he is coming over with his parents in the next week, DV, I am onto making him a "Hoot" he can take back to Canada and wear for their white winter.

Its a bit of a combination of a couple of patterns I found while searching for something totally different. Thats what so nice about the internet. Inspiration is endless!
Project hopefully completed soon.

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  1. they are really cute, a good idea too.
    Love Meagan