Wednesday, September 28, 2011

blue hOOt

hOOt is complete!
Just in time for young J, with, let me see, three "mummy can I have one like this?" and one from a teenager wishing she was small again...

hOOt was made from two patterns put together. Actually, one pattern and I designed the eyes myself after looking at another one (can't remember where I saw it for the instructions....)

Lets just say, one little boy isn't going to get lost in the white winter very quick with this bright blue hOOt.
I made it up using 6.0mm, with double strand 8ply for extra thickness.
colours used: bright blue, white, orange, brown and cream


  1. Abosolutly gorgeous Leanne

  2. Ive found your blog!! Renae told me you had started one. You have some gorgeous work over here!!!