Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday: blogspiration {hobbyhorse}

This Thursday I would like to share a very nice and colourful website.  mellyandme has a range of patterns available for purchase, either online or even at your local craft store*. Kit packs are also available. This past week I used one of her patterns for the hobby horse and enjoyed sewing two. They are well written with a nice colourful photo on the front - and what's even better, she is an aussie crafty mum. :)

Helpful hints:
*  Following the advice from another mum who has previously sewn these, I used wide ribbon for the bridal and reigns. So much easier then trying to interface little strips and turn them out the right way.
*  I purchased a set of furniture wheels and attached them to the bottom of the pole. After one day of playing with her horse, the material had started to wear at the point of pole vs floor contact. (attaching these wheels requires the use of an electric drill)
*  I also knotted the middle colour section only, of the mane. I found they just hung in clumps otherwise and hid the other strips from view.
*  use of a saw and drill are also required for pole length and attaching to the head.

A bright and fun sewing project, and little miss? she is quiet. She has the purple one. The red one is for a gift. I am sure I won't see her for the rest of the day. Go on, pop over and have a look at her blog and website.

Here is the link again: mellyandme. 

Have you made one of her projects? I would love to know. I have one more pattern sheet in my draw that I have been meaning to do too. But I will save that for another post.

*only at selected craft stores. I know my local textile traders carries her patterns.

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