Monday, January 9, 2012

crocheting and holidays...?

December had me working very busy on the babette. I had a goal to have it all completed (crocheted) before we hit the holidays. And I did get it done! Now I just have all the ends on the reverse side to finish off.

Well, I must say, I did plan to do some crocheting while down south, and I did, but only one sad little hair tie, after a special request, in a hurry to make the airport in time... to make a trip to the otherside of the world.

We were just too busy occupied with:

beach walks

playing games

conquering Yallingup maze

household duties take on a whole different meaning.

trying to catch the last little fish in the bay that keeps getting away

making big kites with Grandad

making smaller kites with cousins

finding out that recycling and dish water are more fun then the toy box

eating treats from the corner deli

viewing the devastation at Prevelly, Margaret River after the recent fires. This was all green shrubbery, reduced to sanddunes. Quite a different outlook.

mastering the ripstick

learning a new game!
And since being home, not much more crocheting has been completed, as holidays are spent doing extra jobs with extra hands, swimming lessons and special outings and entertaining 4 children, so my craft comes last.

Hoping you all had a relaxing holiday season.

Till next time with more crocheting...

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