Monday, October 10, 2011

granny bag

This was a nice quick whip up, completed by the time we got to Mt Barker. A simple bag, based on the granny stitch (well thats what I call it...) In my mind, I made it to go with Kimberleys sunday outfit, along with a matching, plain (no flower) headband and hoping to make a sleeveless vest to go over her summer dress, but I'm not having much success in finding a child sized one. If any of you crocheters out there do, please link me to it! I thought this bag would turn out a little larger, so it can at least hold her notebook, and not just a little packet of tissues.

The green bag behind is for Emma for sunday. I have modified the pattern to make it a bit bigger, and also added some more dc rows along the bottom, so the tiny things you find in little girls bags, won't fall out.

So,  I think this purple bag will find its ways into Nadia's hands, and a new bigger one will be made.

Till next time.



  1. I love all your crocheting Leanne!!
    About finding a pattern...after much looking I have still can't find anything. In the end I've made my own cardigans and a vest using basic stitches from other sites and designing the pattern/shape as I go along, following a cardigan from the cupboard. It's fun to do. The stitch I used for a vest is from here

    I've also used this stitch (but changed the pattern) for cardigans for all three girls

    Hope you have success!
    xxx Denise

  2. Adding a link to a pattern that I foung too Leanne.. there are a few more free ones over on Ravelry..